Important Information

The conference will be held from the morning of November 5 until the afternoon of November 9, 2018.
Registration to the conference will start on Sunday, November 4, from 5pm to 7pm, at the conference venue.
Click here for an "Annotated Campus Map"  
  • Excursion to Inuyama

You can find an annotated map of the Inuyama town here: Inumaya map

  • Registration

We ask the participants to pay the conference fee at the registration desk at the conference venue.

The registration fee should be paid in cash and in Japanese yen as follows:

Participants with a permanent position: 25000yen | Post Docs: 20000yen | Students: 15000yen 

  • Movie

We are planning to make a movie during the conference. If you do not want to appear in the movie, please let us know. If you agree to appear in the movie, we will ask you to sign the "image rights agreement" form.

  • Environmentally Friendly Conference 

- During the registration you will receive Japanese cups and chopsticks. You will be asked to use these cups and chopsticks during the conference coffee breaks and the evening reception on Monday.

- We will ask you to return your badges at the end of the conference. 

- A few programs and maps will be printed for those who wants to have paper copies.

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