Social Events

  • Registration to the conference will start on Sunday, November 4, from 5pm to 7pm, at the conference venue. Welcome drinks and snacks will be served.

  • A welcome reception will be offered to the participants after the end of the scientific program on Monday, November 5. 

  • Excursion to Inuyama is planned on Wednesday, November 7, from 1pm to 7pm.

Inuyama (犬山) is a castle town along the Kiso River not far from Nagoya. It is famous for its beautiful castle, which is one of Japan's oldest wooden castles in its original state. The castle is surrounded by an old Japanese town with traditional houses, shops, and restaurants. A Japanese garden and teahouse can be found at about 10 mins walk from Inuyama Castle, where you may enjoy drinking matcha tea while viewing the autumn colorful foliage in a quiet atmosphere.  

  • A futsal game (see photo) will be organized during the lunch break on Thursday, November 8. Participants who are interested in joining the play may bring sports shirts and shoes. There will be a possibility to take a shower after the game. 

  • Conference dinner at Gajouen

- The conference dinner will take place on the evening of Thursday, 8 November at Gajouen. 

- Gajouen is a large property built during the Edo period by a ruling family. It is located in a old cottage area of Nagoya City. The house is surrounded by a beautiful garden with cherry and maple trees, a stream, and small bridges. 

- Transport to and from Gajouen will be provided.

  • No additional fee will be required from the participants to attend the social events.

  • Participation fee to the social events may be required from accompanying persons.

  • Entrance tickets to Inuyama Castle will be provided.  

  • Guests are usually asked to remove their shoes before entering some Japanese rooms/houses (e.g., Inuyama Castle, Gajouen, restaurants, teahouses...). You may want to consider having appropriate socks for the occasion.   

  • Social evenings 

During the free evenings of the conference week, a social space will be provided on the university campus for friendly discussions with drinks, snacks, music, dance, etc. If you are willing to play a musical instrument, sing, and dance you are more than welcome to join the improvised jam sessions. 

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