Practical Information

  • Accommodation

- The recommended area to book a hotel room is around Sakae station. The area has many restaurants and shops. The conference venue at Nagoya University is accessible from Sakae by bus and subway.

Some Hotels: 1) Washington Hotel Plaza Nagoya Sakae, 2) International Hotel Nagoya, 3) Hotel Trusty Sakae

- There is a possibility for on-campus accommodation. If you are interested, contact us before October 10.

  • Internet Access

Access to Eduroam is available on the campus of Nagoya University and in the venue hall.

  • Transportation

- From Chubu Centrair International Airport to Nagoya City: Click here

- From Sakae to Nagoya University by subway (map):

1. Take Higashiyama (Yellow) Line bound for Fujugaoka to Motoyama Station (H16). Transfer to Meijo (purple) Line towards Yagoto and get off at M18 Nagoya Daigaku (Nagoya University).

2.  Take Meijo (Purple) Line clockwise to M18 Nagoya Daigaku (Nagoya University).

- From Sakae to Nagoya University by bus:

1. Take the City Bus No. 16 or 17 from Sakae terminal to Nagoya Daigaku (Nagoya University)

  • Tips

-  Guests are usually asked to remove their shoes before entering some Japanese rooms/houses (e.g., temple, castle, restaurant, teahouse...). You may want to consider having appropriate socks for the occasion.  

- Many shops and vending machines do not accept credit/debit cards. You may want to have cash with you.

- Transportation Tickets (train, subway, bus) are usually taken from you at the exit of the gates. 

For reimbursement purposes, you may want to ask for receipts when purchasing the tickets.

- If you don't know the ticket fare of your destination, you may purchase the cheapest fare ticket and adjust the fare by using the "fare adjustment machines" located in front of the wicket after getting off at your final destination.

- Getting around in Nagoya: How to buy a ticket at a vending machine, prepaid transport cards, Nagoya "Manaca" card1-day tickets

  • Movie

We are planning to make a movie during the conference. If you do not want to appear in the movie, please let us know.

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